Gang Land – You Decide Updated Today!

I have just released an update for my Gang Land app, which effectively doubles the length of the story. It is available to download from the Google Play website right now. Click here to get it.

This adds an additional chapter to the story, taking you deeper into the criminal underworld and dealing with the pressures that come with being at the top of a crime family. If enough people give good reviews I will look to add additional chapters.

Some of the feedback from the reviews has pointed out that the game is too short, so this will address that issue and also sets the story up for further updates in the future. If anyone has any suggestions about what they would like to see happen in chapter 3 please leave a comment below or tweet me @the_wint and I will see what I can do.

Expect to see more updates on my other apps in the coming weeks. My plan is to write new chapters for each app and then maybe start working on something new. I also plan to write the second draft of my novel at the same time, so its going to be pretty busy in the next month.


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